Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fruitful work day at Garden of Hope

The BWRA would like to thank every who participated in the Garden of Hope work day on Sunday 25th March. This was the beginning of Phase 2 of the memory gardens development and we hope to have it completed by May/June this year.

Over 50 residents participated and everything we set out to do was  accomplished in less than 4-hours. The grass was cut, the flower-beds were weeded, the pots were re-planted and new pots and plants were added to the garden. A variety of fruit trees were planted and the walkway was prepared for laying.

Big thanks to the children of Weston, Prospect, Rosbrien and our two visitors from Bantry, who showed so much enthusiasm that they ran out of jobs to do, great work lads, you did us proud.

Special thanks to our resident gardener, Paulie O'Donaghue, for planting the trees and shrubs, his expertise was invaluable, and to Cindy Fogarty, our resident artist, for work on the mural.

It was suggested that angles might look nice next to the mural of Our Lady, so Cindy painted cherubs to see what they'd look like, she wasn't happy with how they looked but rather than paint over them and waste the day the now jobless children were invited to paint hearts an the wall. Thanks to Haley for the idea.

Cindy returned the following Wednesday to add a pair of kneeling angles. Some of the children were very disappointed that the hearts were painted over, but were happy once it was explained that the hearts were only temporary and a chance to practice for a new mural, which will be worked on during the summer holidays. This will feature hearts painted and signed by the children surrounding a large heart with the message "Love Weston Don't Litter".

Work on the garden is ongoing and weather pending, it is hoped to lay the walkway this coming Wednesday.

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